Nuevo Superdeportivo Polaco de Arrinera Automotive

Polonia no es precisamente el país en el que uno piensa cuando se evoca un superdeportivo. Sin embargo si creemos lo que la compañía Arrinera Automotive nos comenta este mes será revelado al público su primer superdeportivo que puedes ver aquí arriba.

Aun no tiene nombre pero sabemos que está construído muy al estilo italiano con una carrocería de kevlar-Fibra de Carbono que lo hacen super ligero para obtener una mayor velocidad de su motor V8 de 638 HP con frenos de cerámica de Carbono que no se ven todos los días y un interior de lujo que rivalizará con el Maybach.

Aun nadie ha hablado de precios o disponibilidad pero estate atento para las noticias que vendrán.

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  1. Inconvenient facts President Arrinera SA

    The entry of the first June talking about the document’s information Arrinera SA informed about the problems of the company’s president, Mr. Luke Tomkiewicz. Despite his young age, Luke Tomkiewicz president has a very rich career in VENO GK: He was president of Veno Automotive SA , a shareholder in the ETD Sp. Ltd. (a company that until now has not handed Veno several million), sat on the board and the supervisory board of Blu Pre IPO SA (formerly Carbon Design SA ). And currently serves on the board of the Zen Capital SA , whose chairman is Mr. Andrew Wojno, which is de facto Namiron Investment Ltd. The personal relationships and mutual penetration of capital and wrote on the blog has more than once.

    Returning to the problems of Mr. Luke Tomkiewicz, then we got to the allegations that are posed to him. As it turns out Arrinera SA president falsified documents when hiring an employee whose been employed illegally. This is more about the activities carried out in the company Veno Automotive SA. To stay ahead of Mr Luke Tomkiewicz accusations made ??in one of the staff report (in accordance with the principle that you have to shout the loudest “thief catch him!”). Phishing accused him of money. Unfortunately for Mr. President that thrifty worker gathered a lot of evidence in his defense and blame Mr. Tomkiewicz (including recording the conversation).

    Currently, law enforcement takes action on the falsification of documents in Veno Automotive SA by Luke Tomkiewicz. It is possible that the “occasion” will be disclosed to other failures in this and other companies. The matter was treated seriously enough that it was decided to fingerprinting by the President. Even for us it is a slight exaggeration, but maybe it was that they could be useful for the future …

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