Muere la Leyenda del Motociclismo Sequana Joi «SJ» Harris en el Set de «Deadpool 2»

Tenía 40 Años y fue la primer mujer afroamericana con licencia para competir en motociclismo profesional. El «stunt» salió mal porque no llevaba casco ya que su personaje no lo lleva en la película. RIP.

?1st Place ASRA Moto3 Am across the line. Had a great race weekend: 2 Podiums ?? and 3 top 5 finishes???. Couldn't have done it w/o my support system: @ccsasra OUR RACE CIRCUIT That makes all of this possible for us crazy kids that like to go #sidewayzon2s @absolutecycle for keeping me on track and taken care of. @markbiltracing for keeping me in the saddle and secured w/suspension & repairs. @nexxnorthamerica #helmets for protecting my head throughout my racing career. @officialvortexracing for providing the much needed go fast parts. @motodracing for always keeping my tires warm and sticky w/the hottest tire warmers on the market. @champ_school YCRS for helping me smooth things out a bit and "breathe" @woodcrafttechnologies/ARMOURBODIES race plastics. @dunloptires for the rains and support all weekend @porschetaylor of @blackgirlsride @mrallanlane of @sportbikesinc & TEAM THREADER 24 RACING ALL for their continued, unwavering support. For all of the help and advice received in the paddock from all of my fellow racers ? ya for it all. THANKS EVERYONE. See ya in a month or so.???? #winnerscircle #sponsored #motorcycleracer #podiumfinish #ccs #absolutecycle #sjramblings #sjsidewayz #podiumfinish #irace #femaleathletes #womenwhorace #blackgirlsride #colorusbeautiful #womenwhowin #threader24 #twofour #sidewayz #ccsracingus #ccsracing #24 ???

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